Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

You want to enjoy the hot sun of summer and not be stuck doing home maintenance, but many of these jobs are fast and are best done in the warmth of this season.

• Repair or replace driveways, patios, and walkways

• Repaint wood frames on doors and windows

• Maintain the gardens, ensuring vines, roots and branches are not growing dangerously close to the house

• Keep vegetable garden, trees, flower gardens, and potted plants watered and fed

• Inspect the roof for any damage, wear and problems that may have arisen over the winter

• Inspect the siding and repair or replace as necessary

• Lubricate garage door openers and repair any hinges, handles, and locks on all doors

• Check all caulking and weather stripping around mechanical and electrical services, paying special attention to the main door in the garage

• Check the stability of railings and guardrails

• Check the operation of all windows

• Deep clean rugs, carpets, and draperies

• Monitor the humidity in the basement, maintaining it at 60 percent

• Change the furnace filter (monthly)

• Keep basement floor drain trap filled with water