Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

As the seasons change and the nice weather returns, more home maintenance tasks crop up.

• Clean out winter debris from the gardens and de-thatch the lawn

• Fertilize the grass, trees and the garden as necessary

• Mulch the gardens to reduce weeds and maintain moisture levels

• Watch for pests, their nests, and any damage that they may be causing around the home

• Clean out drains and ditches of debris

• Clean out gutters and drainpipes and ensure that downspouts are working well

• Level out any heaved deck or fence posts, as well as patio stones and stairs

• Stain or paint any wood decks or fences once they have had time to dry out, but before the heat sets in

• Inspect the foundation for cracks, splits, leaks, and any other damage

• After the last threat of frost has passed, open up hose valves and bibs and reattach the hoses

• Take off storm windows and put in screens, replacing or repairing wherever necessary

• Turn off the gas furnace heat and extinguish pilot light if applicable

• Clean the air conditioning filter or replace if necessary

• Switch on the air conditioning system and test in a similar fashion to the furnace test done in the fall

• Check dehumidifier and drain if necessary

• Turn off, clean out, and drain furnace humidifier if applicable and close the damper if you have central air

• Test your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and security systems, replacing batteries as needed

• Change the furnace filter (monthly)

• Check that your sump pump is operating well and clean out any debris in the pit