Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

When the summer ends and the weather is beginning to cool, there are important home maintenance tasks to tackle.

• Clean out gardens and trim back trees and shrubs as necessary

• Plant trees and turn over soil in vegetable garden

• Fertilize grass and reseed as necessary

• Inspect the chimney cap and vents for your fireplace and dryer to remove any debris

• Open septic tank and check the level - if it's high or approaching a high level, call a pumping contractor (this should be done every three years regardless)

• Clean out gutters and drainpipes and ensure that downspouts are working well

• Drain and store outdoor hoses and hose bibs and turn off interior valves leading to outdoor faucets

• Cover the air conditioner and set to "off"

• Remove screens and check the weather stripping around all windows and doors, repair and replace if necessary

• Disconnect the furnace power and inspect the forced-air fan belt for signs of wear and looseness

• For central sir systems, check that the drain pain under the cooling coil in your furnace plenum is clean and working well

• Change your furnace filter – this should be done each month during the winter as well

• Remove the floor grilles and vacuum out the ducts

• Vacuum around and in electric baseboard heaters to remove dust and debris

• Test your furnace by turning it to heat (don't forget to light the pilot, if necessary) and raising the temperature until the system comes on – turn down to the desired level afterward

• Bleed the air from your hot water radiators

• Inspect the ducts from your furnace and throughout your home, repairing any cracks, tears and other damage

• Check that your sump pump is operating well and clean out any debris in the pit

• Check that your bathroom and range hood exhaust are working well and that the dampers open properly outside

• Test your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and security systems, replacing batteries as needed