Benefits of a LEED-certifed Home Video:

Benefits of a LEED Home from U.S. Green Building Council on Vimeo.

What is LEED for Homes?

LEED for Homes

A LEED-certified home is designed and constructed in accordance with the rigorous guidelines of the LEED for Homes green building certification program. LEED for Homes is a consensus-developed, third party-verified, voluntary rating system which promotes the design and construction of high-performance green homes. Legal disclaimer.

Is There a Rating System?

LEED for Homes Rating System

(Released January 2008)

LEED for Homes Rating System (PDF)
The Rating System lists intents and requirements for each credit and includes the Project Checklist.

LEED for Homes Project Checklist (XLS)
The Checklist helps project teams track their credits against requirements for certification.

Errata Documents:

LEED for Homes Rating System Errata (PDF)
A list of corrections to the LEED for Homes Rating System, updated January 2010.
Also included in the Rating System document.

LEED for Homes Reference Guide Errata (PDF)
A list of corrections to the LEED for Homes Reference Guide, First Edition (2008).

Project Eligibility:

Please read the LEED for Homes Scope & Eligibility Guidelines to determine whether your project is eligible to participate in the LEED for Homes certification program.

How do Register my Home?


Register Your Project

  1. Contact a LEED for Homes Provider (to whom Burkholder Construction will introduce you)
  2. Confirm with your chosen Provider that your project is suitable for LEED for Homes (Check your project's eligibility for LEED for Homes)
  3. Upon receiving approval from a Provider, register your project with USGBC (You will need to create a USGBC site user account if you do not already have one)
  4. Your registration is complete when USGBC receives payment of the registration fee. (To receive the USGBC member price, the individual registering the project must be an employee of a national member organization.  If you would like more information about national membership for organizations, please visit our Membership page.)

*If you are registering 10 or more single family homes or multi-family buildings, please contact your Provider for a volume registration form.